Filmmaker Dylan Mohan Gray has said The Kashmir Files is a “hate speech with no artistic merit” and added that Anurag Kashyap was just trying to preserve the rest of India’s good name when he expressed hopes that the film won’t be selected as the official entry to this year’s Oscars. Dylan has the Netflix docu series Bad Boy Billionaires India released in 2020 (Also Read: Anurag Kashyap Responds To The Kashmir Files Oscar Bid, Vivek Agnihotri Responds)

Responding to Vivek Agnihotri’s tweet about Anurag’s comment, Dylan tweeted: “Yes, actually it is (hate speech, revisionist) rubbish with no artistic merit and will embarrass India even more if it is ‘selected’ by the ‘neutral ‘ governance … Anurag Kashyap is just trying to preserve what’s left of the country’s good name.” He used the hashtags ‘you’re welcome’ and ‘The Kashmir Files’. Dylan added in a separate tweet: “Although RRR is also mean and sadistic, so not really a step forward.”

In his original tweet, Vivek Agnihotri had written that ‘Bollywood’s genocide denier lobby’ had started a campaign against his film. He shared a screenshot of a news article quoting Anurag and tweeted Wednesday afternoon: “Importantly: Bollywood’s vicious lobby of genocide deniers has begun their campaign against The Kashmir Files for Oscars, led by the creator of Dobaaraa (Anurag). “

Anurag slammed for RRR as an official of India Oscars this year’s entry and recently told Galatta Plus in an interview, “India could even be nominated in the final five if RRR is the movie they choose. I don’t know which movie someone will choose. I hope not The Kashmir Files.”

The Kashmir Files, directed by Vivek Agnihotri, starred Anupam Kher, Pallavi Joshi, Mithun Chakraborty and Darshan Kumar. The film received mixed reviews and emerged as one of the grossest Hindi films this year. The film is based on the exodus of Kashmiri Pandits from the Valley in the late 1980s. While the film received critical acclaim for portraying a sensitive issue, many also criticized it for portraying all Muslims as aggressors.

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