Groom Trending: The wedding season is underway in India. In such a situation, many adorable videos of the bride and groom continue to go viral. One of those videos is very liked by the people in which a promise of the groom made everyone his fan.

Dulha Dulhan viral video: At weddings, the bride and groom give each other seven promises. But this groom made such a promise to his bride that it drove everyone crazy. In this video a bride and groom can be seen sitting. Both look great in their respective bridal couple.

Listened to Panditji

In this video, Pandit ji tells the couple that Ardhangini means the divisor of half. At this the bridegroom bursts out and says why half of the people are of the whole. At this response from the groom, all the family members, including the bride, begin to laugh. First of all, you should also check out this adorable video shared on Instagram…

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The groom said something like this

After this, in the video, the groom forced everyone to say Awww in his style. Actually, the groom said that all the bride’s grief is mine and all the happiness is theirs. A big smile appeared on the bride’s face. This video is liked a lot. Many users even congratulate these two on starting a new life in their lives.

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