Since the first trailer of the gray man released, fans were excited to witness the action-packed film featuring a stellar cast starring the likes of Chris Evans, Ryan Gosling, Dhanush, Rege-Jean Page, and Ana de Armas. The film’s international screening took place recently and early reviews suggest it’s an adventurous ride.

Directed by The Russo Brothers, The Gray Man follows a former CIA agent on the run who is being hunted by his former colleague. The dynamic between Chris Evans and Ryan Gosling has been praised by many, especially as seen in the promos. Also the one who caught the attention in the clips of the movie was Dhanush whose impressive action scene was recently released.

The Gray Man is based on the 2009 book of the same name by Mark Greaney. The film has been touted as one of the most expensive movies made by Netflix. Ahead of its July 22 streaming release, here’s a look at how critics have reacted to it.

Variety’s Courtney Howard wrote: “#TheGrayMan has unforgiving, well-constructed action scenes. Battle of wits, bullets & brawn. Ryan Gosling & @ChrisEvans share an excellent repartee (and sleazebag facial hair!). Ana de Armas is badass & beauty. Dhanush’s scenes are ruthless and sharp.”

Forbes’ Jeff Ewing described the film as a “solid action thriller” writing, “Netflix” #TheGrayMan is a solid action thriller (the best streamer yet), with great performances from Gosling, Evans and the Armas. choreography and stunt work are excellent to say the least. All in all a winner.”

Critic Matt Neglia wrote, “THE GRAY MAN is a tactically aggressive, killer action film from the Russo Brothers. Ryan Gosling brings his usual stoic toughness against Chris Evans’ evil charm. Not quite as impressive as the Mission: Impossible or John Wick movies, but still a good chunk of popcorn entertainment.”

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