Directing duo Russo Brothers, ahead of the big July 22 premiere of their Netflix film The Gray Man, have glimpsed an action sequence with DhanushRyan Gosling and Ana De Armas. The Russo Brothers released the clip on their Twitter page on Tuesday, saying it is to introduce Dhanush’s character from the film. Fans of the actor took to the comment section to praise the clip. Also read: The Gray Man’s first reactions: critics praise Dhanush’s ‘brutal’ scenes and Ryan Gosling and Chris Evans’ chemistry

the gray man marks the international debut of Dhanush, who plays a small but crucial role. He will be featured as a hit man in the film. Share the clip, a tweet from ‘s account The Russo Brothers read: “Ladies and gentlemen, we give you…@dhanushkraja (sic).” In the video, the action scene takes place in a hospital. Dhanush can be seen in a suit fighting hard Ryan Gosling.

Several Dhanush fans describe the action clip as ‘chicken fielding’. One fan commented on the video: “In Tamil movies dude treats up to 20 people per fight.. this is going to be a cakewalk (sic).” Another fan wrote: “Ultra swag from D (sic).”

On Monday, at the press conference after the Los Angeles screening, Dhanush spoke about how he ended up being part of the film. When asked how he got the opportunity, Dhanush said, “I don’t know how I got into this movie.” Dhanush’s reaction caused everyone in the room to burst out laughing, including his co-stars. He added: “I was excited and very excited. Of course I can’t say much in the film. I was super excited and was looking for an opportunity to learn and explore.”

Not long ago, the directorial duo of Joe and Anthony Russo talked about Dhanush in a Twitter Spaces chat. “We are big fans of him. We wrote the character with him in mind. You can expect a new movie soon with his character in the lead.”

They had said of his role: “He plays one of the best killers in the world and has two big fighting blocks in the film. Dhanush has a great camera presence and we loved seeing him perform.”

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