Tara Sutaria and Aadar Jain are one of the most loved couples in Bollywood. They never shy away from showing off their love for each other and have been dating for a long time. They enjoy a huge following of fans and their fans are cheering for their ‘Jodi’. The best thing about the duo is that they openly support each other and don’t shy away from expressing their fondness for each other. Tara Sutaria opened up about her bond with boyfriend Aadar Jain in an exclusive interview with Filmfare.

When asked about her dating life and how close the two are to each other’s family, Tara Sutaria replied: “I get very attached to people and I think we both resemble each other in that way. We become attached to that special person and the people who are close to him/her. It helps to understand who he or she is and who they are Many people in his family remind me of people in my family The warmth, love and generosity you will find in most Parsi households you will also find in Punjabi households It was wonderful I respect them and love them deeply, for to me it is important that if you love, you must love deeply.”

The EkVillian actress described the last time Aadar Jain surprised her, revealing: “When you first meet someone, it’s full of surprises and bigger things, but as time goes on, you understand the importance of the smaller things. “He makes me a cup of tea in the morning instead of someone else doing it. It could also be a handwritten note. These things mean a lot to him too and are our special moments.”

Tara and Aadar love each other’s company. The much loved jodi took a trip to the Maldives earlier this year and shared some beautiful clicks. On the work front, Tara Sutaria is fresh off her stint in Ek Villain returns, where her performance as a struggling singer was praised. The film did well given the state of the Bollywood industry.

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