Charu Asopa Bo*ld Photo: Sushmita Sen’s sister-in-law is now coldly confronting this pain after being separated from her husband Rajeev Sen. After seeing this cool style of Charu, it is clear that the actress has now moved on.

Sushmita Sen Bhabhi Goes Bo*ld: Actress Charu Asopa is in the news these days because of her broken marriage to Rajiv Sen. In such a situation, Charu is active on social media as well as in her professional life and also gives constant updates. Now Charu has shared such a photo with fans on social media, which has gone viral very quickly and has become the talk of the town.

Charu made the move

Looking at this picture of Charu, it is clear that after separating from her husband, she now wants to focus on herself and move on in life. Speaking of this latest picture of Charu, the actress enjoys her own company and is seen giving pages to the cameras.

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Open shrug pose

In the photo that came up, you can see that Charu clicks on a photo in a great location. While she shrugged openly, the actress showed off her bralette in a really cool style during this time. Along with this dress from Charu, her attitude is also very much appreciated by the fans. In addition, Charu looks very beautiful in a no-makeup look.

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Raising daughter alone

This picture of Charu Asopa is increasingly going viral on social media and fans are supporting her a lot for the way Charu is handling herself after the divorce. Let us tell you that Charu is currently raising her daughter Gianna alone.

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Fashion show nice look

Charu Asopa has been in constant debate amid the news of divorce. The actress recently went to a fashion show, where she walked over the ramp in a wedding dress. The actress has also shared the look of the bride’s dress on social media. In which she looks beautiful in Bala. Even her fans react strongly to this video.

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