Sushimita Sen and her charm is untouched even today. Fans still go crazy for her looks and her smile when she shows up. It is always a visual treat for the fans to see her photos or videos. Sushmita is one of the most charming women in the Indian entertainment industry. The former Miss Universe is adored by millions for her intelligence, kindness and warm personality. Besides being a beauty pageant queen and an actress, Sushmita has set notable examples and broken the glass ceiling in her personal life as well. She continues to be an inspiration to many with her beautiful yet unconventional decisions. Now, in a conversation with Twinkle Khanna, Sushmita shared how her maternal instinct saved her daughter Renee’s life when she was a baby.

sushimina recalled that Renee was a pretty sick baby and unfit for adoption. Sushmita was very careful with her. She said her mom always told her she was overreacting and that she couldn’t run to the doctor every time the baby got a little sick. She then told me about a time she was with Renee during the shoot and… sushimina saw her beeping. She said she took her car and went straight to the hospital. “My daughter almost died that night and that was a mother’s instinct,” Sushmita said, explaining how her proactiveness saved her baby.

She explained that Renee had a condition known as bronchial water. Though Sushmita knew nothing about it as soon as Renee looked at her and cried, she knew something was wrong. “That was it,” Sushmita said, adding how they had been in the hospital for a few weeks.

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