Superbid Web Series: There are many web series about OTT that you should take care of your privacy before watching. This is because in these web series such a temperament of fat scenes has been added that even the viewers have lost a sweat. Know about those 5 web series from OTT where all boundaries were crossed in giving intimate scenes.

Rasika Duggal, who plays Kalin Bhaiya and his wife in ‘Mirzapur’, has given many intimate scenes. There are some scenes that are difficult for anyone to see. What’s special is that Rasika Duggal did not only give a lot of hot scenes with Pankaj Tripathi but also with the one who played the role of servant in the web series.

Many seasons of the ‘Gandi Baat’ web series came. But as the name of this web series shows, the boundaries of boldness have been broken every season. In such a situation, if you are considering watching this web series with everyone, then don’t do it at all.

In ‘Sacred Games’, Nawazuddin has given Siddiqui some great, daring scenes with Rajshree Deshpande, who plays the on-screen woman in the series. Even Rajshree Desh Pandey didn’t shy away from giving nude scenes.

The photo of Kiara Advani’s bo*ld scene that went viral on social media was from “Lust Stories.” Numerous intimate scenes have also been incorporated into this. Please pay particular attention to your privacy before viewing it.

Priya Banerjee has not failed to give such a bed scene in the famous ‘Bekaboo’ web series. There have been many seasons of this web series and in each season Priya has done more intimate scenes than before.

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