Who says celebs can’t be normal? He reveals his everyday happiness in a new interview with Flaunt, Noah Schnap who quickly rose to fame after taking on the role of Will Byers in Netflix’s most-watched series, Stranger Things, is opening up about taking a summer job and working part-time as a lifeguard at a local pool on the side.

While chatting, schnapps said he wasn’t doing the job for the money, “It’s kind of ‘just for fun’,” the young actor explained. He went on to explain, “I kind of grew up with a normal life and normal friends and stuff outside of Stranger Things, so it kind of kept me grounded.” After summer comes to an end, Schnapp doesn’t return to act as the famous celeb who plans to enroll at the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia.

Schnapp decided not to take drama training and decided to study business administration. According to the outlet, like any other college student, he’s going to live in a dorm with a roommate. Schnapp also discussed his academic plans during the chat as he explained, “I was thinking about taking up acting,” he explained, “Acting was just a bit repetitive and I wanted to try something new.” Noah also talked about his good friend and co-star Millie Bobby Brown“Millie is doing the same with her education – she’s learning about other things,” he continued, “I thought it would make more sense to do something else. And doing business was a pretty obvious next step for me.” Like Schnapp, Millie has also started taking online classes at Purdue University and instead of studying drama or art, she studies human services.

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