Gauri Khan: Gauri Khan, the interior designer and wife of Bollywood king Shahrukh Khan, had said in one of her interviews that she doesn’t like being called ‘star woman’.

Gauri Khan on Star Wife: Gauri Khan, wife of interior designer and superstar Shahrukh Khan, revealed in one of her interviews that the word ‘star woman’ has driven her crazy. Gauri Khan revealed this in an interview with Hindustan Times, which also involved producer-director producer Karan Johar. When asked if she was a “star woman”, Gauri called it strange and said she wants people to treat her like a normal person. At the same time, Gauri Khan said of her work that when she designs a place, she wanted people to feel that what she saw is the best.

Gauri has had enough of the name Star Wife

In the interview, Gauri Khan said: ‘This word (star woman) drives me crazy. This sounds very strange. If people can think of me as a normal person, instead of labeling me as star woman, take me as today’s woman. I don’t project myself onto anyone and I’m not too ambitious. All I have to do is wake up in the morning, go to the gym, feel healthy, go to work, be creative and wait for the kids to come home.

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Gauri wants to work

Apart from that, Gauri said, ‘I want to do a very good job. I can’t become a world famous designer because I started working too late. But it’s never too late to do something in life. When I design a room, I want it to be the best home or office. When people walk into my shop they say it’s the best shop they’ve seen. Everything I touch turns to gold. I have a purpose that is being fulfilled and today I feel like a complete woman.

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Gauri worked for these stars

Let us tell you that Gauri Khan has been a student of NIFT (National Institute of Fashion Technology). In recent years, Gauri has designed space for many celebs. She designed the nursery for the homes of Karan Johar, Ranbir Kapoor and Sidharth Malhotra. In addition, Gauri also designed Jacqueline Fernandez’s apartment. In addition, Gauri Khan has also designed a banquet hall for Nita and Mukesh Ambani’s house. Gauri’s name was on the list of most powerful women of Fortune India a few years ago.

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