Srishti Rode has taken on a different identity with her appearance in TV shows from house to house. Today, fans are losing heart even at their blistering performances. Actresses are also getting bolder with the passage of time.

New Delhi: TV actress Srishty Rode has driven everyone crazy with her acting. The actress is very much loved by her fans of every style. At the same time, Srishti has become more resilient over the last few times. Glimpses of this can often be seen on her Instagram page as well. This time, the fans are also stunned to see the new avatar of the universe. She has posed while showing off a bralette in a new look.

Srishty Rode is very glamorous in real life

Of course, Srishti has often been seen in TV shows in the role of cultivated daughter-in-law or daughter, but in real life, the actress is no less than anyone in terms of daring. In such a situation, fans are now eagerly awaiting their new looks. Srishti never hurts her fans in this matter either. In such a situation, Srishti has now turned up the internet temperature with her new photo shoot.

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Srishty Red looks very hot

Srishti shared many of her photos in succession on Instagram on Friday. In these photos, the actress can be seen in a white bralette and blue jeans.

Srishti has completed her look with an open wavy hairstyle and nude makeup. In these pictures she is seen somewhere smiling and somewhere she is seen with the screen. Whatever it is, Srishti looks very good in this look.

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Srishti was not seen in any show for a long time

Srishti has been less and less part of projects for quite some time now. In such a situation, her fans are eagerly waiting for the announcement of her new project. The fans of the universe are always desperate to see her on screen.

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