While Bollywood stars and their movies generate a lot of excitement among fans, there is just as much interest in their personal lives. From their sartorial choices to food to even their relationships, Bollywood stars and their fans often tend to go into overdrive. In a recent conversation with Hindustan Times, Sonakshi Sinha shared how she is constantly questioned about her dating life or marriage on social media.

Sonakshi continued, saying, “I’ve always maintained that when I’m talked about, I’d rather be talked about for work (rather than for my personal life). But people are naturally curious. They want to know what’s going on. is in my life and they can speculate what they want Until I’m not ready to share my life with the world I won’t do it I’ve always been that kind of person And that reflects on my social media too. It reflects in the places I go or where I am seen and where I am not seen It is very easy for me to balance that I will only share with the world what I want to share and nothing else. ”

While the actress offered clarity on her stance, Sonakshi also admitted that people are more interested in her marriage than her own parents. The actress said: “Even my parents don’t ask me about my marriage as much as the media and the public do. Even my parents don’t suffer as much as they do.”

At work, Sonakshi will soon make her web debut with a thriller titled Dahaad. She also has a horror comedy Kakuda in the pipeline. “You won’t be disappointed. I think you’ll be very happy to see me play such characters,” the actress told HT.

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