Shweta Salve Video: A video of Shweta Salve, a well-known actress of the TV world, is going viral on social media. In this video she wore a sari but didn’t put on a blouse.

Shweta Salve Video: Shweta Salve, the actress who once ruled the TV world, is missing from the small screen these days. But these days, she’s causing panic on social media. Shweta Salve has appeared in many TV serials like ‘Hip Hip Hurray’, ‘Left Right Left’, ‘Kahin Kisi Rose’, ‘Thodi Si Zameen Thoda Sa Aasam’. She may have left the acting world now, but in real life she still wreaks havoc. You can guess this by looking at their social media. She recently shared a video of herself, in which she sees which people have a hold on their breath.

Shweta’s falling pallu

Shweta Salve may have retired from acting but has not separated herself from the modeling world. Even today, she continues to share her awesome photos and videos on her social media. A few days ago, she shared a video of her wearing a saree. In this video she was wearing a sari but no blouse. Not only this, due to the high winds, the actress’s pallu kept moving again and again. This video of Shweta is now causing panic on social media.

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Leaving career in a short time

The 37-year-old Shweta Salve played many roles in the TV career. Not everyone can reach the heights that Salve has achieved in the career in a very short time. But after getting a position, Shweta Salve said goodbye to the acting world. Today she does her job in Goa. According to media reports, Shweta runs her own restaurant in Goa. Shweta lives with her family in Goa. The actress also has a lovely daughter, with whom she often shares her photos and videos.

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Shweta lives in Goa

Shweta Salve is currently in Goa with husband Harmeet Sethi and daughter Arya. After the birth of their daughter, they started a restaurant together in Goa. She called this restaurant ‘Burger Factory’. This Shweta restaurant is near Morjim Beach. Shweta married actor Harmeet Sethi in 2012 and gave birth to daughter Arya in 2016.

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