Shenaz Treasury has shared that she has been diagnosed with prosopagnosia. Prosopagnosia is a condition in which people have difficulty remembering faces.

Shenaz Treasury shared on her Instagram stories on Tuesday that she has been diagnosed with prosopagnosia. She also said she used to have trouble remembering people’s faces, but she remembered their voices. Shenaz is known for playing the role of Alisha in the 2003 film Ishq Vishk. Also read: Shenaz Treasury: We live in a world where everything we do is potentially gossip fodder

In her Instagram Stories, Shenaz wrote, “I was diagnosed with prosopagnosia 2. Now I understand why I’ve never been able to put faces together. It’s a cognitive impairment. I’ve always been embarrassed that I can’t recognize faces. I recognize voices.” On another slide, she wrote, “Signs and Symptoms of Face Blindness/Prosopagnosia. 1. You didn’t recognize a close friend or relative, especially when you didn’t expect to see them. Yes that’s me. It takes me a minute to register who the person is. Sometimes even a good friend I haven’t seen in a while.”

Shenaz Treasurywala diagnosed with prosopagnosia.
Shenaz Treasurywala diagnosed with prosopagnosia.

She added: “You have trouble recognizing neighbors, friends, colleagues, clients, classmates. People you know expect you to recognize them. If you don’t recognize someone, you may come across as aloof. Many patients report that they’ve lost friends and insulted colleagues for not recognizing them. This is me.” Shenaz also wrote, “So you confuse characters in movies or on television more than other people? Yes, I will. I can’t tell the difference when two characters have the same height, build, and haircut.” She concluded by saying, “So please understand now that this is a real disorder and not that I’m aloof or snobbish.” She called it a “real brain problem.”

Shenaz currently works as a travel blogger. She made her Hindi film debut with Shahid Kapoor starrer Ishq Vishk. She later appeared in films such as Umar, Aagey Se Right, Radio, Luv Ka The End, Delhi Belly and many others.

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