The Delhi High Court has authorized the release of: Ranbir Kapoor-starrer film Shamshera on OTT platforms subject to deposit by Yash Raj Films a crore with its registry. The injunction was given by Judge Jyoti Singh in a lawsuit brought by Bikramjeet Singh Bhullar for alleged infringement of his copyright in the literary work ‘Kabu na chhadein Khet’ by the filmmakers. Also read: Shamshera review: Ranbir Kapoor and Sanjay Dutt set the screen on fire with their loud action avatars

In the August 18 injunction, the judge noted that the film was released in theaters last month and would be released on OTT platforms on Friday. film on OTT platforms subject to deposit of one crore by August 22.

If the money is not deposited in time, there will be a ban on the further broadcasting of the film on OTT platforms effective August 23, the court added. “Given the totality of the circumstances and the fact that the disputed film has already been released in theaters and in my opinion will be released on the OTT platforms tomorrow, i.e. 19.08.2022, in order to balance the shares between the parties, would it be appropriate at this stage to allow Defendant No. 1 to release the disputed film shamshera, on the OTT platforms, provided, however, that Defendant No. 1 (Yash Raj Films Pvt Ltd) pays 1 Crore to the Registrar General of this Court, no later than 22.08.2022,” the court said.

“It is made clear that if the money is not deposited within the time limit granted by this court, there will be an injunction against the further broadcasting of the film on the OTT platforms with effect from 23.08.2022,” it added.

Plaintiff opposed release of the film on OTT platforms on the grounds of copyright infringement by making a substantial reproduction of his work and a blatant and unfair breach of trust.

The accused filmmakers urged the court to release the film on OTT platforms as otherwise they would violate their contractual obligations towards third parties. It was also said that they would incur irreparable damage and the claimant can always be compensated in the form of money if he succeeds.

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