New Delhi: Shama Sikander, who has spread her wings from television to the Bollywood industry, has recently turned up the temperature of social media. Even though no series or movie is seen these days, but she always stays in the spotlight for her latest photo shoot. Shama Sikander is now sharing more than one photo of herself. Shama Sikander always wows fans with her tough look. Fans are eagerly waiting to catch a glimpse of Shama Sikander. Now Shama Sikander has turned up the heat of social media by wearing a plunging neckline. The latest photos of Shama Sikander are increasingly going viral on social media. In which Shama Sikander steals the hearts of fans with her hotness.

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Recently, Shama Sikander has shared her latest photos on her Instagram account. In which she wears a black color plunging neckline dress. Shama Sikander also wears gold earrings. Speaking of the look, Shama Sikander has done heavy makeup. The hair is kept open in the hairstyle. She looks very tough.

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Shama Sikander has stimulated everyone’s senses with the latest photos, Shama Sikander has given standing very hot poses. Fans love this hot style of Shama Sikander. Fans have shared this post with likes. At the same time, fans have reacted strongly, wrote one user – fire started, wrote another user – Hot Shama. Fans have made many such comments.

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