Shama Sikander Mono*kini: TV actress Shama Sikander recently shared some of her bo*ld photos and videos on social media. She looks pretty killer in these videos.

Shama Sikander Bo*ld Photo: Speaking of TV’s heroic actress, Shama Sikander’s name is definitely in use. She continues to drive fans crazy with her great looks and tough figure. Once again, Shama Sikander Hot Photos has driven people crazy with her hot looks. Yes, nowadays Shama is on vacation abroad with her husband and Shama is very hot and bo*ld on her vacation. You can learn more about this through the actress’s social media.

Shama is located in Thailand

Actress Shama Sikander, who has shown her best performance from TV to Bollywood, is often in the news for her audacity. Shama may not have reached a high position due to the power of acting, but she has captured the attention of people all over the world with her classy looks and sizzling avatar. Now Shama is once again seen breaking all boundaries of boldness. She is in Thailand with her husband these days and shares a lot of photos and videos there.

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Hot style in pink mon*okini

Shama Sikander recently posted a video of her wearing a pink dress for the first time, but after she took the dress off, she wore a pink mon*okini and started enjoying a drink in her pool. Shama looked good in this pink mon*okini. Anyone who saw this video of her went crazy. When you see this style of Shama, no one can say she is 40 years old.

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Stay active on social media

Shama Sikander has not been seen in any movie or TV show for a long time, yet the list of her followers on social media is getting longer and longer. In such a situation, the actress is also very active on social media to keep in touch with her fans. She often continues to share her bo*ld photos and videos with fans.

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