Like every year, Shahrukh Khan also this time came out of his vow to meet his fans on the occasion of Eid and accepted everyone’s love. On this occasion, his youngest son AbRam was also seen with King Khan.

Shahrukh Khan Mannat Video: To get a glimpse of King Khan of Bollywood, his fans are crazy. Every year Shahrukh Khan comes to the balcony of his house Mannat on some special occasions and says much love and thanks to the fans. Something similar happened this time too. Since the morning, a large number of fans have been waiting outside Mannat to catch a glimpse of their actor. Shahrukh also did not disappoint his fans and came together with youngest son Abram and wished everyone a happy Eid. The video of the actor meeting fans outside his home has gone viral.

King Khan came with Abram. to the balcony

The video of Shahrukh Khan’s fans on social media has been shared by many fans of the actor. In the video, the actor can be seen standing on Mannat’s balcony and waving to everyone with the youngest son AbRam. Hey. In addition, the actor was often seen with flying kisses for the fans. His fan club shared this video of Shahrukh Khan, writing: ‘Ladies and gentlemen… The Last of the Star… Shahrukh Khan.’

jeans worn with a white shirt

On the occasion of Eid, Shahrukh Khan was seen wearing jeans and a white shirt. At the same time, the youngest son Abram stood next to him and saw the fans waving like King Khan. On this occasion, Abram wore a black lower with a red T-shirt.

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At the sight of Shahrukh, the fans started screaming loudly.

As soon as King Khan came on the balcony of his house, the fans got very excited to see him and started screaming loudly. Shahrukh Khan saw so much love from the fans and also looked very happy and humbly waved to everyone and thanked them.

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