Shah Rukh Khan is back, in and if Pathan, the movie poster of which was released on Saturday with great suspense. The actor, who is making his comeback after four years, is seen with a shotgun on the poster with his back to the camera and his face partially visible. But while many of his fans were happy to see the poster, some noted how closely it resembled Idris Elba’s Beast poster. Also read: Pathaan movement poster: Shah Rukh Khan returns in new look as he completes 30 years in cinema

Pathaan by Shah Rukh and Deepika Padukone will be released on January 25 next year and the first poster revealing Shah Rukh’s look was released on Saturday. Idris Elba’s Beast poster has been released much earlier and the film will hit theaters on August 19 this year.

When the debate reached Reddit, many commented that the two posters looked very similar, but didn’t care, for Shah Rukh’s sake. Many said, “SRK did better.”

On his side, one Reddit user said: “It’s a pretty common pose TBH, and I don’t think it’s original for either of these 2 projects. YRF should have been smarter, as the Beast version came out recently until the yours to avoid such problems.” Another wrote: “Holy cow! It really is a generic poster! Many action movies have the main character in such a pose! There is no source of copying lol.” Another said: “That pose is a bit too general to say this definitively. They may have copied it, but I wouldn’t care.”

One Reddit user noted that fans weren’t rating Shah Rukh at all and pointed out that if there had been another actor, he would have been trolling for the same thing en masse. The user wrote: “I didn’t know about this. But now after seeing it. It’s a total rip off lol. Guns, pose, dressing, color scheme, font, font style, font image, everything is the same. Still Beast Poster is better Pathan- poster looks a little fuzzy I understand SRK fans won’t like this But look if this hadn’t been SRK the defense of “maybe they had a similar vision” would never come Others don’t get that benefit “They’re trolled and thrown out. SRK may be trolled, but it doesn’t affect his movies.”

Pathaan is directed by Siddharth Anand of War fame. The filmmaker also has another highly anticipated film, Fighter, which stars Deepika opposite Hrithik Roshan for the first time.

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