Shah Rukh Khan and Taapsee Pannu actor Dunki has been making headlines since the announcement. Fans are looking forward to the first-ever collaboration between the Badshah of Bollywood and top filmmaker Rajkumar Hirani† Recently, the first schedule of the shooting of the film was also finalized. Amid this, the latest report claims that Dunki’s DOP Amit Roy has left the film due to creative differences with Hirani.

Shah Rukh Khan’s Dunki DOP Stops Filming

According to the latest report in ETimes, DOP left Amit Roy Dunki because his vision did not match Hirani’s. Speaking of the same thing, Roy told the news portal, “Yeah, I’m not doing ‘Dunki’ anymore. I shot for 18-19 days and stopped. Raju Hirani and I had some creative differences. We both couldn’t see from the same angle. But let me tell you that parting was very amicable. We both sat down and then I stopped. Frankly, I didn’t want it to reach a phase of friction.”

Roy called the situation “unfortunate” and said he has great respect for Hirani. He also shared that he collaborated with the filmmaker on a song in Sanju titled “Baba Bolta Hai Bas Ho Gaya,” along with some advertisements. “But you see, an ad is a collaborative effort where the customer’s vision also matters. But when it comes to a movie, it’s the director’s vision,” he said. He also added that the scenes he shot will be kept in the film.

Talk about Dunkic, the film hit the ground running in April 2022. Rajkumar Hirani confirmed the development, previously saying: “Over the course of my career, Shah Rukh Khan has always been on my wish list and after trying to work together several times in the past, we were finally destined to make ‘Dunki’ our The energy, charisma, humor and charm he brings to a film is unparalleled and I look forward to bringing that magic to the big screen.”

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