Shah Rukh Khan completed three decades in Indian cinema and celebrated his achievement with fans during a rare live session on Instagram. During the 30 minute virtual interaction, he talked about his upcoming movies, life achievements and much more, including a little bit about Salman Khan† While addressing Salman as his brother, Shah Rukh dropped hints about the lead role in Tiger 3. (Read also: Shah Rukh Khan is Bollywood’s latest superstar and social media saturated with ‘stars’ will ensure that

While Shah Rukh confirmed Salman’s cameo appearance as RAW agent Tiger in Pathaan, he was also candid about his partnership with him. He said: “With Salman Khan there is no work experience. There is always a love experience, a happy experience, a friendly experience and a brotherly experience. It’s great when I work with him. We haven’t really made a full-fledged movie together, on one after (Karan Arjun), who wasn’t full-fledged either, to be honest. We weren’t together in the movie for too long. So we go to work 4-5 days a year, sometimes in a movie.”

Shah Rukh went on to talk about his cameo in Salman starrer Tubelight and how the latter appeared in a song from his latest film, Zero. He added: “Now, in Pathaan. I don’t know if this should be a secret, but Inshallah I will try to be in Tiger too. It is very nice to work with him. It’s always a lot of fun.”

Earlier, Salman had confirmed speculations that he and Shah Rukh would be getting together in their upcoming movies. Speaking at his birthday celebration, he said: “We will be featured in both Tiger 3 and Pathan. Tiger will be out next December. Pathan could be released for it.” The Pathaan trailer will be out sometime around November to December of this year.

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