Saroj Khan‘s daughter Sukaina recently recalled her last Instagram post, which was for Sushant Singh Rajput, and their conversation about it. The choreographer shared a post on her Instagram account after Sushant passed away on June 14, 2020. She herself died of cardiac arrest less than a month later on July 3. Read also| Aishwarya Rai steals the show as Saroj Khan’s daughter digs up throwback gems

Sukaina recalled that Saroj liked to interact with her fans through social media and often asked her to help share a message. After Susant Singh Rajput‘s death, Saroj told Sukaina that she wants to talk about him on Instagram.

She told ETimes: “She really enjoyed social media. She always looked at everyone’s posts and said, ‘I think I might even want to post something today.’ So she would always pick up a video and say just upload it for me. The last message I remember was to Sushant. She said to me, ‘Please write me a message, I want to talk about that boy.’”

In her Instagram post, Saroj had shared a photo of Sushant with the message: “I had never worked with you @sushantsinghrajput but we have met many times. What went wrong in your life? I am shocked that you took such a drastic step in your life You could have talked to an elder who could have helped you and made us happy when we look at you God bless your soul and I don’t know what your father and sisters are going through Condolences and strength to them to carry on go this time. I loved you in all your movies and will always love you. RIP”

This was the last post Saroj shared on her Instagram handle. Her children later used the account to share a post after her death, saying they will not be holding a prayer meeting for the choreographer due to the Covid-19 situation. Sukaina told ETimes that she now wants to hold a prayer meeting to celebrate Saroj’s life.

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