Sanya Malhotra remains in the news a lot these days because of her looks. Now the sizzling look of the actress has once again been shown. However, this time Sanya surprised everyone with her appearance.

New Delhi: Bollywood actress Sanya Malhotra proved in a very short time that she can adapt to any character. She has never let this hope of the people be broken. As much as Sanya remains in the discussion because of her movies, her tough looks have also attracted attention. In this case, the actress is no less than any other actress.

Sanya Malhotra’s look stunned my senses

Sanya’s fans are present in every corner of the globe, desperate for a glimpse of her. At the same time, in addition to films, the actress also stays in touch with her fans through social media. Her sizzling look can often be seen on Instagram. But this time, Sanya’s new look has tickled everyone’s senses.

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Sanya Malhotra shared her bikini look

Sanya shared a photo of herself on Saturday. In this she can be seen in a bikini. The actress shared this photo of her in black and white. She poses for the camera while standing on the beach in two piece bottoms.

Sanya has completed her look with open hair. The actress looks very good in this look. However, some fans are also surprised to see this avatar of hers.

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Celebrities were impressed by Sanya

Now thousands of likes have appeared on these photos of Sanya in a short time. At the same time, apart from the common people, celebrities have also enjoyed Sanya’s hot looks. Many stars also express their surprise at this look of the actress. Ayushmann Khurrana wrote: ‘Excuse me? We didn’t recognize it. This photo of Sanya is going viral.

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