Samantha Prabhu Reveals Real Reason for Unhappy Marriage: Samantha Prabhu divorced from Naga Chaitanya only last year. Even before the divorce, there were reports of a rift between the two. At the same time, this actress, who reached Koffee With Karan, gave an important reason for the unhappy marriage.

Samantha Prabhu in Coffee with Karan 7: Samantha Prabhu has only appeared in Southern movies so far. But her discussion also takes place a lot in Bollywood for a long time. Samantha was last seen in Pushpa’s song ‘O Antava’ and this song became so popular that it caused a lot of buzz abroad as well. While Samantha is doing great in professional life, she also stays in the discussion of her personal life. They only got divorced last year. And now this actress who reached Koffee With Karan 7 has revealed the real reason for the unhappy marriage.

Samantha will be featured in Koffee With Karan

It has long been said that this time South actress Samantha Koffee is going to hit Karan 7 and now it has been confirmed by the show’s promo. It has been learned from the promo that Samantha will make her debut in this show with Bollywood player Akshay Kumar and talk openly about professional and personal life. Meanwhile, Samantha has also given the reason for the unhappy married life.

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Life is like KGF, not K3G

Samantha says in the show’s promo that the reason for the unhappy marriage is that we think life is like ‘K3G, but in reality it’s like KGF.’ Both Karan Johar and Akshay Kumar heard this statement from Samantha on the show. be surprised.

Samantha got divorced last year

Let us tell you that Samantha announced a divorce last October. She was married to Naga Chaitanya in 2017. It was a love marriage, after family consent, 10 crore rupees was spent on this marriage in Goa. But after three and a half years of marriage, the news of a breakup in the relationship began to arrive and in the end they both decided to part ways.

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