Brazilian actor Rodrigo Santoro, known for his role in projects such as Love Actually (2003), 300 (2006), Rio (2011), 300: Rise of an Empire (2014) and Westworld, has been in Hollywood for several years. † But he reveals that as a Latino, he’s struggled to navigate the industry. That is why he thinks the conversation about inclusiveness in the West is not only important, but also urgently needed at this hour.

“It’s so important that we finally talk about diversity, inclusiveness, feminism and racism,” said the actor, who recently opened a new chapter in his career by starring in a Spanish historical drama series, Boundless, aka Boundless. as Sin límites in Spanish.

Looking back, the 46-year-old says: “Talking about diversity, being a person of color in Hollywood, which is mainly a white culture, was challenging. I came to Hollywood 15 years ago and experienced a very harsh environment as Latin. Because the characters were mostly stereotypical, or villains who lacked depth.”

Santoro recounts an incident, revealing: “I try to do my best every time I approach a role. For example, there have been times when the role was written for an English-speaking actor, and I was cast for it… My first question would be if we change the character’s name to something in Latin, and the answer would be, ‘It doesn’t matter where he comes from, so we’ll keep the name’.”

That is why he is happy that something is now changing.” “But we still have a long way to go. At least we are talking about that,” says the actor.

The actor, whose roots go back to Brazil, is also ecstatic that regional content, such as Spanish, is also gaining popularity, such as his latest historical drama, Boundless, which follows the journey begun by Ferdinand Magellan and culminated by Juan Sebastián Elcano. .

“The story is set in the 1500s, but it’s not a documentary. It’s an epic with a lot of action. The creators came up with the idea of ​​doing something that was entertaining for the audience, because epics can usually get boring, especially for a young audience… It was quite a challenge for me to work on it though, from speaking in different languages ​​to do my own stunt,” he says as he finishes.

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