Sawan Kumar Tak, who directed films such as Saajan Bina Suhagan (1978), Souten Ki Beti (1989), Sanam Bewafa (1991) and Bewaffa Se Waffa (1992) and his most successful film Souten (1983), died Thursday of a long-term illness .

He left a void that included giving the late actor Sanjeev Kumar his screen name, directing Meena Kumari’s latest film, writing lyrics to songs like Chand Sitaare in Kaho Naa. Pyaar Hai, and also directing hits, and his actors remember him fondly.

Padmini Kohlapure, who as a young child first worked with him in Saajan Bina Suhagan, and later, Souten, remembers it all. “I remember such great things about working with him. I got such a central role in Saajan… I clearly remember his direction during that period. Then we got along very well. I called him Sawan Uncle because I was a kid then. When I made Soutan, my next movie with him, I did movies as a lead. He said ‘khabardaar mujhe uncle bola toh!’ His songs, everything had the word Saawan in it. Then I started calling him Sawan ji,” she says.

Salting turned out to be a great success. Kohlapure adds that Tak was always very nice to her and treated her like family. “He was so good to me and literally worked brilliantly as a director and actor. At this point it struck me, we also did a movie called Preeti. It starred me and Rajiv Kapoor, whose birthday is also August 25, and Sawan ji died on the same date. Life is unhappy. I last met him around 2018-19, he didn’t even call me and came home. He treated my house like his second home and felt free to come over,” she says .


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