Renuka Panwar Dance: Renuka Panwar is as great a singer as a great dancer. And this time, when she climbed on the roof of the house, she made desi dances, and then she just failed Sapna Chaudhary.

Renuka Panwar instagram video: If there are discussions about anyone’s dance in Haryana, it is Sapna Choudhary. Her desi style dance is much loved by the people and every dance video of her is much loved. But for some time now there has been someone who is giving Sapna tough competition. Who fails Sapna Chaudhary in dance. Whose songs are much loved by the people, but now also destroy their dance. This is Renuka Panwar who is a well-known name of Haryanvi industry for a long time.

Renuka Panwar is a social media star

If singer Renuka Panwar is called a social media star today, nothing can go wrong. Though she is a singer who has gained a lot of recognition in the Haryanvi industry and her songs are more than one hit, but apart from singing, Renuka Panwar is also an amazing dancer and her glimpse can be seen on her Instagram coils. Renuka continues to share her dance videos on Instagram. Now another latest dance video of Renuka is going viral in which she can be seen on the Haryanvi song Balam Mera Lehenga La De Nai, also on the terrace of the house. But her dancing style is so amazing that you forget about Sapna too.

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Became a star with ’52 Gaj Ka Daman’

Though Renuka Panwar has given voice to many Haryanvi songs, but you all know her 52 yards made a huge hit on YouTube, this song was a huge hit, which is heard with equal fervor even today. This song was sung by Renuka Panwar and just when people started to like this song, Renuka Panwar also started climbing the stairs of stardom a lot. Today the dream is none other than anyone else.

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