Rashmi Desai has become popular from house to house these days. In addition to her acting, the magic of style has also played a lot on the fans. The actress often shares her sizzling look with her fans. Now she has wowed fans again with her new looks.

New Delhi: People are always fascinated by Rashmi Desai’s acting. For some time, however, she has also played the magic of her blistering performances on people a lot. Fans have liked her in every look and style. In such a situation, Rashmi often shares her look with the fans as well. Now the actress has again posted a video of herself on Instagram, in which she showed her bold look in a pink short dress.

Rashami Desai changed her look in an instant

Rashmi is also active on social media. Often she continues to share glimpses of her personal and professional life to keep in touch with the fans. Now also in the latest video, the fans have really liked Rashmi’s style. In the beginning of the video, you can see the actress sitting in her car with no makeup on. Then her look changes completely in an instant and she is seen in a pink short dress.

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Rashami Desai looks horny

Rashmi looks very glamorous in the altered look. To complete her look, she kept a pink smoky eye look with nude makeup. During this one, she left her hair open.

With this she wore pink high heels. Here she is seen on her balcony doing dance steps. Rashmi looks very hot and classy in this look as usual.

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Rashmi gets a lot of offers

Looking at Rashmi’s career, today she is not limited to just TV series. She also gets offers for many web series and music videos. At the same time, the fans have also proven her in every form. Recently Rashmi’s song ‘Khayalat’ has been released.

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