Ranveer Singh He recently made his Netflix debut with his interactive special Ranveer vs Wild With Bear Grylls, in which he teamed up with wilderness survival expert Bear Grylls. The show premiered last week and several users recently noticed a hilarious exchange between Ranveer and Bear, with the actor repeatedly kissing the survivor. The short clip, and the reactions to it, have spawned hilarious memes online. Also read: Ranveer vs Wild with Bear Grylls review: Actor cries, eats maggots, misses Deepika Padukone

The premise for the adventure is that Ranveer is in the Serbian wilderness to obtain a rare flower called Serbica Ramonda for his wife. Deepika Padukone† World-renowned survival expert Bear Grylls helps him in his quest. In the opening scene of the show, Ranveer is “rescued” by a helicopter that Bear is carrying. The excited actor calls him “Imported T” and kisses him repeatedly on the cheek and neck while the survivor looks rather uncomfortable.

An Instagram user recently shared the short clip, calling it “probably the scariest moment of” Bear Grylls‘ live”. The clip was posted on Twitter Monday and Tuesday by various users and meme pages, leading to memes being shared around it. In response to the video, one user shared a Zakir Khan GIF where the comic reads ‘Yeh hamara ladka nahi hai’ says, implying that Indians disavowed Ranveer because of his antics. Another tweet read: “This is a teaser of Gehraiyaan 2, starring Ranveer and Bear.” beings, but this will give him nightmares.”

A meme criticizing Ranveer Singh's behavior with Bear Grylls on the show.
A meme criticizing Ranveer Singh’s behavior with Bear Grylls on the show.
Many memes imagined how a shocked Deepika Padukone would react at the moment.
Many memes imagined how a shocked Deepika Padukone would react at the moment.

Several users called Ranveer’s energetic public display of affection inappropriate because Bear looked awkward the whole time. One tweet called it “borderline attack.” Another user wrote: “Because this act created a hostile work environment for Bear Grylls, he could start a sexual harassment case against Raveer. Thank you co. for the one-hour POSH crash course.”

Bear Grylls is a renowned survival expert and TV personality. He has appeared on popular shows such as Man vs Wild and Into The Wild. Before Ranveer, several Indian celebrities Akshay Kumar, Ajay Devgn, Rajinikanth, Vicky Kaushal and even Prime Minister Narendra Modi had their wilderness survival moments with him.

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