Actor Randeep Hooda shared a heartfelt note for Sarabjit Singh’s sister Dalbir Kaur, who died on June 26 in Punjab. The cause of her death was a heart attack. Randeep played Sarabjit in his 2016 biopic, after which he developed a good relationship with Dalbir. The actor remembered Dalbir as a “fighter” and wrote: “It was not in the wildest dream that one could imagine Dalbir Kaur Ji leaving us so soon.” (Read also: Randeep Hooda performs the last rites of Sarabjit Singh’s sister Dalbir Kaur

“A fighter, childlike, sharp and devoted to everything she touched. She fought a system, a country, its people and her own to try to save her beloved brother Sarbjit. I was so lucky to have her love and blessings and I would never miss Rakhi in this life,” he added.

Randeep played Sarabjit in his 2016 movie Sarbjitof Aishwarya Rai plays the role of Dalbir Kaur. Recalling the time he spent with Dalbir, he added: “Ironically, the last time we met was when I was shooting in the fields of Punjab, where we had created an Indo-Pak border. It was a chilly and foggy late November evening, but she didn’t care, she was glad we were on the same side of the border.”

“I feel really blessed. There just wasn’t enough time for Dalbir Ji. I love you, I miss you and I will always cherish your love and blessings,” he concluded. He also shared a throwback photo of himself with Dalbir.

Randeep Hooda's Instagram post on Dalbir Kaur's death.
Randeep Hooda’s Instagram post on Dalbir Kaur’s death.

Earlier in the day, Randeep was seen performing Dalbir’s last rites as a promise he made to her. She had asked the actor to give her “kandha” (offer his shoulder before taking the body to cremation) when she dies seeing her brother in him. Hearing the news of her death, he arrived in Bhikhiwind near Amritsar, Punjab to pay his last respects. He also lit her pyre during the cremation rituals.

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