Actor Gauahar Khan shared a cryptic comment about people getting offended when a man jokes about his wife, seemingly alluding to Ranbir Kapoor‘s “phailoed” (spread) commentary on his pregnant wife, Alia Bhatt. On Twitter, Gauahar shared a post expressing her support for husbands who made “halka phulka mazaak (light jokes)” with their wives. (Read also | Ranbir Kapoor apologizes for ‘phailoed’ joke about Alia Bhatt’s weight)

On Twitter, Gauahar wrote: “Aaj kal log kuch zyaada hi sensitive ho gaye hain. Ab apni biwi se kuch halka phulka mazaak karne pe bhi paabandi hai, kya pata kaun kahaan pe offend ho jaaye. Take a chill pill yaar, take light , it will solve many of the problems in the world.” One person responded to her tweet, saying: “We should highlight many things, there are many problems in the world, but specifically you tweeted about Ranbir’s humorous comments about low-class weight! But don’t wait, you’re the same person who judges BB contestants by camera? Same thing!”

Gauahar shared a post on Twitter.
Gauahar shared a post on Twitter.

Another comment read: “When husband and wife are joking at home… Nobody cares…Public me Aake who makes an absurd comment about a live session is called a ‘publicity stunt’. Making small mistakes a huge blunder.” Another tweet read: “No Gauahar, let’s face it. Let’s agree that the joke was not funny at all, but rather in bad taste. Just because he is your ex-colleague and you are on good terms with him sharing doesn’t mean you keep defending something.”

During a live interaction on Instagram, Ranbir and Alia were asked why they were not actively promoting Brahmastra. Alia replied, “We’ll promote the movie and we’ll be everywhere, but if the question you’re asking is why aren’t we getting phailod everywhere, now our focus is on…” Ranbir interrupted her mid-sentence and pointed to his wife’s baby bump who said, “Well, I can say someone has phailod (referring to her weight gain).”

Later, after several people criticized Ranbir for his comment, he apologized. “Let me start with: I love my wife with everything I have in my life. And what happened next, I think it’s a joke that turned out not to be funny. I really want to apologize if I triggered anyone. It was not my intention. I want to say sorry to people who were offended or triggered,” PTI news agency quoted Ranbir as saying.

He also added: “I talked to Alia about it and she really laughed about it and she didn’t mind. But I have a bad sense of humor and sometimes it falls flat on my own face. So I’m sorry if I hurt anyone with it.” Ranbir and Alia got married in Mumbai in April this year. In June, Alia shared an Instagram post announcing her pregnancy.


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