Ranbir Kapoor doesn’t want to Alia Bhatt to sacrifice her dreams after having a baby and wants to be available for his child most of the time. The actor is candid about how he would approach fatherhood and wants to share parenting responsibilities with Alia. Also read: Alia Bhatt did fake interviews with Ranbir Kapoor about baby and parenthood

Ranbir Kapoor and Alia tied the knot in April and recently announced they are expecting their first child. Alia shared the news on Instagram along with a photo from her ultrasound session.

Talking about how he wants to be a hands-on father, Ranbir told Indian Express in an interview: “Alia and I have been talking about it for a while, how we are going to share our responsibilities and how we share our time. We grew up in a generation. where our fathers were quite busy with work and not around us so more or less we were raised by our mothers so we were close to our mothers i want to have a different dynamic with my kids i want them close too be with me.”

Ranbir is the son of the late actor Rishi Kapoor and actor Neetu Kapoor. Alia is the daughter of filmmaker Mahesh Bhatt and actor Soni Razdan.

Ranbir expressed his desire to see Alia grow in her career even after becoming a mother, saying: “Alia is a very busy working star in this film industry and I don’t want her to sacrifice her dreams because she has a child. So we need to plan a balanced life somewhere where we can both enjoy our personal life and our professional life, so it’s day by day, step by step, but I have a lot of expectations for it.”

Alia returned from Europe this weekend after finishing work on her Hollywood debut, Heart of Stone. The film also stars Gal Gadot, who even shared a heartfelt comment for Alia when she returned home.

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