Ram Gopal Varma spoke about the late Bruce Lee in a new interview. The filmmaker said he would love to kiss the legendary martial artist and actor for “his existence.” Also known as RGV, the filmmaker said he was a fan of Bruce Lee’s “personality, his on-screen presence, his eyes.” Ram Gopal Varma has been busy promoting his upcoming movie Ladki: Enter The Girl Dragon; the title is a clear reference to Bruce Lee’s Enter the Dragon, which was released in 1973. Read more: Western audiences are convinced RRR is ‘heartwarmingly gay’, RGV tweets

RGV’ new movie stars Pooja Bhalekar, Abhimanyu Singh and Rajpal Yadavi, and is scheduled for release on July 15. The filmmaker spoke about Bruce Lee during the promotion of the film. In a recent interview, RGV praised him, saying there was something “remarkably different” about Bruce Lee. The filmmaker clarified that while he was “not gay,” Bruce Lee was the “only man he wanted to kiss.”

“I’m not gay, but he (Bruce Lee) was the only man I wanted to kiss. I’d like to kiss him for his existence… There’s something remarkably different about Brue Lee, which can’t just be his speed, it can’t just be his strength. I don’t believe there is more than a 10-15 percent difference in impact power. It’s his personality, it’s his screen presence, it’s his eyes. He understands the power of his stay. He will give the audience time to react to his punch. He makes them enjoy it,” Ram Gopal Varma recently told Etimes.

In another recent interview, Ram Gopal Varma spoke about his obsession with Bruce Lee and said he was very excited to make a movie inspired by him. “I’ve had a huge obsession with Bruce Lee. I saw Enter The Dragon in my college days. I’ve always wanted to make a martial arts movie, especially his fighting style. The idea kept coming and going,” he told Firstpost. RGV added that he wanted to cast someone who knew martial arts and could act.

“I tried to find an actress, but I couldn’t find it. Someone brought Pooja Bhalekar to my attention. I was told that she was a taekwondo champion. Then I contacted her. She came with her father and gave demonstration. The moment I saw it, I realized that I had found the actress of my film,” said Ram Gopal Varma. Talking about Pooja’s character in the movie, he said that she is obsessed with Bruce Lee while there is a guy who is obsessed with her and doesn’t like her obsession with Bruce Lee. Ram Gopal Varma called it his most ambitious film. RGV is known for movies like Satya, Kaun, Company, Sarkar and Bhoot. His most recent film was Khatra, which focused on homosexual romance.

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