He’s funny, she’s funnier. They don’t let each other finish their sentences, because the other usually has something to add – or just don’t let it reveal too much!

Shehnaaz Gill and her younger brother Shehbaz Badesha are in different cities but want to be together on Raksha Bandhan. “I am in Mumbai and he is in Punjab. Dekhte hain, agar mera mann kiya toh ticket karaungi iski aane ki,” Shehnaaz jokes.

The Honsla Rakh actor continues, lamenting: “I tie the rakhi to him every year, but he never gives me anything. I must do that too. This time I made it a condition that he must give me something, only then will he I tie him a rakhi.” Shehbaaz intervenes and says, “Bhai hi toh gift hota hai! If she ties me a rakhi, it means I will protect her for the rest of her life. What could be more beautiful than this?”

Ask Shehnaaz her memories of the festival as a child, and she says, “Mera memory loss ho gaya hai!” However, Shehbaaz clearly remembers how he would cry if only his sister got a gift from their parents, because they were small.

He recalls: “We had to get up early in the morning and I started laughing because she used to look like a boy too. Then she would tie me the rakhi, and I had no money to give her, then the parents do that. I would start to cry, why didn’t they give it to me so that they would give a small amount. Then I would cry some more, and they would give me the same amount as hers.”

They have yet to work together professionally on a project. Ask if that will happen soon, and Shehnaaz laughs, “Saath are you going to plan? Thodi bauhaut famous hoon main, voh bhi khatam ho jaaungi!”

But she says they are both very emotional, and even if they fight intensely, it only takes five to 10 minutes for the other to start laughing.

Shehnaaz gushes, “Shehbaaz is very protective of me. Every sibling should be that for each other. They should understand each other’s feelings and respect each other.” Shehbaaz attributes his entire life today to his sister.

“I used to be nobody, whatever I am now, it’s because of Shehnaaz. Whatever work I get, the recognition I get now is because of her. I am very lucky to have a sister like her”, he is emotional.

But not Shehnaaz. “Head emotional nahi hui yeh sun ke, main toh bas dekh rahi hoon ki kuchh aur na bol de yeh,” she laughs.


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