Rakhi Sawant is shocked by an act of her friend Adil Khan (Rakhi Adil Video). At the same time, she insulted him in front of everyone.

Rakhi Sawant, the ‘Drama Queen’ of Mumbai Bollywood, is in the headlines these days about her personal life. The actress is sometimes seen in a car with boyfriend Adil Khan, sometimes having fun in the rain and sometimes expressing her love to the media. In this episode, Rakhi’s latest video (Rakhi Sawant Video) goes viral in the internet world, where she insults her boyfriend Adil Khan in front of everyone.

The video of Rakhi Sawant and Adil Khan has been posted by Bollywood’s famous celebrity photographer Viral Bhayani on his official Instagram account. In this clip, Adil Khan is riding a yellow electric scooter. After this, Rakhi also comes from behind and sits on the bicycle. However, Adil does not know how to start the scooty and he asks the paparazzi how to start the scooty.

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Rakhi Sawant insults Adil after hearing this. Rakhi says that look, she doesn’t even know how to start with scooty. After this, however, Rakhi is seen covering her point. The drama queen says: ‘It’s all about Audi and Range Rover.’ At the same time, when the scooty starts to move, Rakhi gets scared and starts screaming. This video of the couple (Rakhi Adil Viral Video) is going viral in the internet world and users are reacting very well to it.

Commenting on Rakhi Adil’s video, one user wrote: “Rakhi is also electric, she keeps talking after charging.” Another wrote: ‘Both will definitely get into Bigg Boss.’ While another writes: ‘Adil fell into the gutter to become famous.’ On the other hand, the couple’s fans have dropped a smiling emoji praising the couple.

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