Rakhi Sawant has been doing strange things in the hotel. Social media users are stunned upon seeing the drama queen’s drama-filled video.

Mumbai Rakhi Sawant who has become famous with many tags including item girl, drama queen, real entertainer is in huge headlines these days. Videos of her solo and with boyfriend Adil Khan are going viral in the internet world every day and fans are seeing her love showered. Also in this episode, the latest spotted video of Rakhi-Adil gets a lot of attention, in which both of them have fun in the hotel.

The video of Rakhi-Adil has been posted by Bollywood’s famous celebrity photographer Viral Bhayani on her official Instagram account. In this clip, Rakhi Sawant lays down on the piano in the hotel lobby. ,,Not only this, after that Rakhi Sawant is also afraid of the guard. The video shows Rakhi saying that before the guards come, run away from here. This video of Rakhi (Rakhi Sawant Video) is going fiercely viral in the internet world.

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After this, Rakhi, who is holding the hand of her friend Adil, can be seen running away from there. Let us tell you that another video of the actress was revealed in the past where she saw arguing with her boyfriend. However, the love-filled tip-jhonk of both is much loved by the fans. While liking Rakhi Adil’s video, users are quick to respond to it.

Commenting on Rakhi-Adil’s video, one user wrote: ‘Wow! How wonderful what you both are doing.’ Another wrote: ‘This couple is a shop of over-the-top acting…will do anything to get attention.’ At the same time, another writes: “Why does she always remain a child.” Talking about the relationship between Rakhi and Adil, Rakhi Sawant had said to Adil that it seems like God sent it for me. After the break with Ritesh, she fell into a depression. Nothing seemed right. Then Adil came into my life. She proposed to me within a month. At the same time, on the issue of marriage to Adil, Rakhi had said that first Adil’s sister would marry, only after that both would marry.

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