Rakhi Sawant – adil News: Rakhi Sawant and Adil continue to be in the spotlight these days. Now a new video of Rakhi and Adil is going viral in which both fight each other. Let’s tell the whole story.

Rakhi Sawant and Adl Vidu: Rakhi Sawant and Adil are in full swing these days. Rakhi has found a new love, in whose happiness she fluctuates a lot. Now only Adil is seen everywhere with her… if Rakhi talks about anyone, then she is Adil. But if there is so much love, how is the fight between the two of them.. Why did Rakhi and Adil kick each other? Actually, a video of Rakhi and Adil has surfaced on social media in which Rakhi is seen fighting with Adil.

It’s not a fight, it’s a sour-sweet tip

Now everyone knows how much love there is between Rakhi Sawant and Adil. Since Adil came into Rakhi’s life, her fans are also noticing many changes in Rakhi. Whether it’s the sense of dress or the way of speaking. Now there is another video of both of them on social media, in which Rakhi has a lot of fun with Adil and the fans are not even happy to see this happiness on their faces.

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Are you going to marry Adil?

This question has been asked to Rakhi Sawant many times. At the same time, Rakhi has now revealed that she understands Adil very well at this point. At the same time, Adil’s sister has yet to get married, after which both will make a decision about the marriage. At the same time, Rakhi’s mother also loves Adil very much. Recently, Rakhi revealed that when she told her mother about Adil, she started to cry and got emotional at the same time, she said that her daughter has suffered a lot in life, but now she should live her life freely.

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