Raima Sen comes from an acting family. By the time she got into the film industry, her sister Riya Sen had already started while mother Moon Moon Sen was an accomplished actor. In addition, her grandmother Suchitra Sen is considered one of the best actors the country has seen. Of course, the actor had big shoes to fill. In a recent interview, Raima spoke about the baggage and pressure that star kids feel, something newcomers from outside the industry don’t have to deal with. Also read: Ahan Shetty says he has it easier in Bollywood because of father Suniel Shetty

Raima made her acting debut in a supporting role with the Shabana Azmistarrer Godmother in 1999. Her breakthrough role was the 2003 Bengali film Chokher Bali, followed by the 2005 Hindi film Parineeta. Her sister Riya had worked as a child artist in the early 1990s and graduated in the early 2000s to play lead roles. Moon Moon Sen had a successful career with 60 films in the 80s and 90s while Suchitra Sen was one of the top heroines in Bengali and Hindi cinema in the 50s.

Talking about her family pedigreeRaima recently told Etimes: “Initially, when I joined the industry, people expected a lot from me. I was the daughter of Moon Moon Sen and my sister Riya had entered the industry before me. As a star child, people already had a lot of expected of me they had already judged me criticized they expected me to be a know-it-all I think it is very difficult for the star kids in the beginning For a newcomer who is an outsider there is no baggage But if When a star kid makes his/her first movie, people will judge him.”

Raima added that although it was difficult for her at first, Chokher Bali turned out to be the turning point in her career. The movie, starring Aishwarya Rai and Prosenjit Chatterjee, saw Raima deliver an acclaimed performance. She said: “My grandmother Suchitra Sen has left a great legacy. I wouldn’t make a Sanjay Leela Bhansali debut. Initially it was difficult to break in. I think Chokher Bali was my turning point. Once I made that movie, people started seeing me as Raima and not as Moon Moon Sen’s daughter or Riya’s sister. I have successfully created my niche here. I did Godmother and it wasn’t an ideal launch so to speak. After that I made a few other art films. I did my share of screen tests and auditions. I’ve been kicked out of movies a few times. I’ve had my fair share of struggles and hardships. Looking back now, I think they were all a blessing because I learned a lot from them.”

Raima was last seen in the Marathi film Anya, her first project in the language. She also recently appeared in the Netflix web series Mai, starring Sakshi Tanwar and Wamiqa Gabbi.

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