R Madhavan was dressed in his Nambi Narayanan look, as he posed with wife Sarita Birje for a romantic photo. The actor tweeted their photo on Wednesday, sharing how he fooled his brother-in-law by sending him the same photo. Read more: R Madhavan Says Shah Rukh Khan Makes His Wife Sarita Feel ‘Special’

Madhavan is in the process of promoting his upcoming movie Rocketry: The Nambi Effect. In a photo clicked during filming, the actor posed with Sarita. At first glance, it looked like Sarita was posing with the original Nambi Narayanan, on whom the upcoming movie was based. However, Madhavan clarified that she was in fact with him. The actor shared the undated photo on Twitter, writing: “When my brother-in-law panicked when I sent him this photo of my wife.”

R Madhavan said he made fun of his brother-in-law with this photo.
R Madhavan said he made fun of his brother-in-law with this photo.

Twitter users were impressed by the actor’s sense of humor, with many reacting to the photo with smiling emojis. One person joked that this was ‘how to brighten up your boring life’. One person also tweeted that Madhavan “looked like MF Hussain,” the late painter. Another user wrote: “MF Hussain is alive.” Another person tweeted “Madhavan’s sense of humor” with a bunch of emojis.

Rocketry: The Nambi Effect is written, produced and directed by R Madhavan, who also stars as Nambi Narayanan in the movie, which hits theaters on July 1. In his recent interview, Madhavan praised actors Shah Rukh Khan and Suriya for their cameos in his directorial debut. The film was shot simultaneously in Hindi, Tamil and English, and was dubbed into Telugu, Malayalam and Kannada.

In an interview with Bollywood Hungama earlier this month, Madhavan said he has always loved Shah Rukh, while his wife Sarita was also a big fan of the actor. Madhavan remembered how Shah Rukh Khan always went out of his way to make Sarita feel special when the two met.

“I think you’re starting to kind of become someone you admire. I think my stuttering in that movie was associated with that of Shah Rukh’s debut. And my wife is a huge fan of his. He went out of his way every time we met to make her feel special. I’ll never forget. I learned how to be a star and make people’s lives easier, largely from Shah Rukh,” Madhavan said.

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