R Madhavan has said he hopes actor Jacqueline Fernandez gets out of trouble after reports stated that the Enforcement Directorate has named her as a suspect in a 200 crore extortion case.

On Wednesday, actor Jacqueline Fernandez was accused by the Enforcement Directorate (ED) in the extortion case involving CONMAN Sukesh Chandrashekhar. Jacqueline was questioned by ED after intimate photos of her with Sukesh surfaced. According to reports, she initially denied her involvement with Sukesh but he revealed that the two have been dating for a while. Now actor R Madhavan has come forward in her support. Also read: Jacqueline Fernandez is accused in 200 crore extortion case: report

The federal investigative agency is expected to file a new indictment in this case on Wednesday or to file charges with a special court for the prevention of money laundering (PMLA) in Delhi and, according to reports, Jacqueline has been arraigned as a suspect in the prosecution. Extortion case of 215 crore.

At a promotional event for his upcoming movie Dhokha – Round D Corner in Mumbai, R Madhavan said: “I hope she gets out of trouble soon. I don’t think this tarnishes the image of the country. In fact, there have been fewer tax raids in our film fraternity. Everyone works with complete honesty. I don’t think it will affect the industry Higher taxpayers are coming out of this industry.”

Jacqueline has been questioned by the agency several times in this case, the last being in June. The ED in April provisionally added 7.27 crore funds from the actor under the PMLA excluding R 15 lakh cash as the agency referred to these funds as “crime proceeds”.

Earlier, the ED had alleged that Chandrashekhar illegally used money to buy gifts for Jacqueline, which he extorted by cheating high-profile people, including the wife of former Fortis Healthcare promoter Shivinder Mohan Singh, Aditi Singh. “Sukesh Chandrasekhar had several gifts worth 5.71 crore to Jacqueline Fernandez from the proceeds of crimes generated by criminal activity, including extortion. Chandrasekhar had induced Pinky Irani, his longtime associate and co-defendant in this case, to deliver the said gifts to her,” the ED said in a statement.

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