Prithviraj Sukumaran has apologized after a scene from his recent release. Kaduva was criticized for being insensitive to children with other disabilities. Prithviraj, as well as Kaduva director Shaji Kailas, admitted their mistake and sought apologies for it. They also reportedly removed the scene from the film. Read also| Vivek Oberoi speaks of ‘pain, disappointment’ if Kaduva is postponed

The scene in question featured Kaduva, played by Prithviraj, who says that children with different disabilities are born with their ailments due to the sins of their parents. The actor, whose banner Prithviraj Productions has also co-produced the action drama Malayalam, apologized for the dialogue on his social media accounts on Sunday.

“Sorry. It was a mistake. We acknowledge and accept it (folded hands emoji),” Prithviraj wrote on his social media pages, along with a detailed explanation and apology about the scene that Shaji Kailas posted on Facebook. offered the Shaji “unconditional apology” for inflicting pain on the parents of children with disabilities.

Prithviraj Sukumaran apologizes for the Kaduva scene.
Prithviraj Sukumaran apologizes for the Kaduva scene.

According to The Hindu’s translation, the filmmaker wrote in Malayalam: “I beg you to consider it a mistake on our part and forgive us. The fact is that screenwriter Jinu who wrote the scene, or I who directed the sequence or Prithviraj who was in the scene wasn’t thinking about the other aspects of the dialogue when we shot it, we were just thinking about conveying the magnitude of the villain’s cruelty to the audience.” He added that they were just repeating the age-old saying about karma and succeeding generations suffering the consequences of one’s actions, not realizing its implications.

He added: “It was not our intention to say that children with other disabilities suffer from the doings of their parents. I have seen some writings from parents who said that they were hurt by these dialogues in Kaduva. caused, I still apologize.”

The apologies come after an association of parents of children with intellectual and developmental disabilities called Parivaar filed a complaint against Kaduva makers with the State Commission for Persons with Disabilities on the ground. According to a report in India Today, the makers have also removed the sequence from the film.

Kaduva can be seen in cinemas worldwide on Thursday 7 July. The movie also has stars Vivek Oberoic in a negative role while Samyukhta Menon stars opposite Prithviraj. Set in the 1990s, the film revolves around Kaduva, an influential rubber planter, and his rivalry with Viveks Joseph.

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