With every project it is not only the audience but also actor Pratik Gandhi himself expects a lot from himself. The actor of Scam 1992 fame was last seen in the anthology Modern Love: Mumbai (MLM) and received positive response for his portrayal of a gay man.

With every project, Gandhi tries to make a mark and strives to do better. The actor is happy that he has one advantage over many others. “To me, being consistent equals success. I wanted to keep the creators and writers in mind so they write parts for me and now it’s happening. But with every project I will also have to prove myself, have the same passion and deliver results. The best part is I don’t have any luggage so there is no pressure. I look at the longevity of success and do not rest on my laurels. One should not think that ek baar hit hog aye toh ab sab set hai. This field is such that I will have to prove myself on every project and I enjoy the challenge.”

The Great Indian Murder actor has wrapped three films in Dedh Bigha Zameen, a self-titled film starring Vidya Balan and Ileana D’Cruz and Woh Ladki Hai Kahaan starring Taapsee Pannu. Then there is a movie about social reformer Jyotirao Govindrao Phule called Phule and he is looking forward to play Mahatma Gandhi in a web series as well.

Gandhi believes that while OTT has been a liberating process for long and short format movies and series as they have all found one space and audience worldwide, “the power lies with the audience and we need to keep the bar high”. He adds: “The digital medium is still young and everyone is experimenting with different genres and stories. But when something is new or works, people try to derive a formula to replicate success, leading to chances of failure. That will lead to a phase of consolidation.”

Often, once actors deliver a hit, they are offered similar roles, but with Gandhi, the opposite was the case. He says: “In that sense I’ve been lucky as all my projects have roles of different ethnicity, age groups, personalities and genres. When creators see you in such diverse roles, it’s a blessing for an actor. Although the success of Scam 1992 made him an overnight success, ask him how things have changed after MLM and Gandhi says: “After playing a hero and a quirky character in Scam, I liked it to play a vulnerable character in MLM. The response was encouraging, the show was well made and as an actor I’m looking for opportunities to play a variety of roles.”

In the world of showbiz, while it’s hard to be successful and crack the code, people find it harder to maintain and keep delivering. Gandhi admits that it is not difficult “but impossible”. He explains: “There are so many variables in every project and story. Content creation is an experimental field and it is not necessary for the results to be positive every time. When dealing with emotions and stories, it’s impossible to create the same bang every time. My passion for my profession brought me here and har project mein entertain karna ka intention hota hai.”

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