Poonam Pandey Latest Video: Poonam Pandey, seen in lock-up, is the subject of much discussion these days. Poonam is often dominated by her videos on social media and this time she got into the discussion again wearing a raincoat from home to buy corn.

Poonam Pandey Video: Poonam Pandey should get out of the house and not make headlines… Sometimes to buy mangoes and sometimes to just take a walk, this beauty becomes more news. Something similar happened this time too. Brother… who wouldn’t want to eat corn in the rain and you already know the rains of Mumbai. Nowadays Megha is raining heavily in Mumbai. It is raining heavily so Poonam Pandey also felt like eating corn and when she came out to buy corn there was a commotion.

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Poonam Pandey came to buy corn in raincoat

Actress Poonam Pandey was spotted on the streets of Mumbai tonight. During this, Poonam was seen wearing a large transparent raincoat on a small dress. This beauty immediately went to the corn stopper and started preparing a corn for herself. After getting ready, Hasina put lemon salt on her corn herself and then ate it with full style. Sometimes standing on the stall, sometimes on the road and sometimes at the bus stop, Poonam posed a lot and got the picture clicked.

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Well posed photo with children

On the other hand, Poonam Pandey is a famous celebrity and there is no doubt about it, so when the actress appeared on the streets of Mumbai, the crowd of fans also started to gather, so some kids also came to Poonam Pandey with whom Poonam posed. lots and lots of photos.

Although Poonam Pandey was already quite popular, this actress has come into the limelight even more after the lock-up. Poonam Pandey reached Kangana Ranaut’s reality show Lock Up as a contestant where she got a lot of headlines with her style. She also reached the final of the show but was unable to win and Munawwar Farooqui was declared the winner in her place.

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