Poonam Pandey left the house wearing such clothes that everyone was stunned to see her. What’s special is that as soon as the actress saw the paparazzi, she openly started giving bold poses on the road itself.

Poonam Pandey breaks limit: Poonam Pandey, who broke every line of succinctness and hotness, was recently spotted in Mumbai. During this, Poonam Pandey wore such a transparent and cropped top of white color that the thing was caught in camera, which should not have been seen. After this, Poonam stood outside the car and started acting in such a way that people got very close to her.

Exceeded the limit from home

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As always, this time too Poonam Pandey came out of the house wearing very daring clothes. In the video, Poonam was seen wearing loose pyjamas of brown color. With it, the actress wore a very short and transparent top of white color. This top was so transparent that everything was captured in the camera.

Started doing such an act near the car

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As soon as Poonam Pandey saw the paparazzi, she got to the car and started doing such an act that you would be amazed. The actress not only started doing bold poses standing by the car, but also started to indicate with her style that the fans would get very close to the actress and take selfies with her.

Poonam is feeling uncomfortable

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When she saw Poonam Pandey doing such poses near the car, many people came to her to click selfies. The actress felt a little uneasy when she saw the fans click on the pictures very closely and slipped back. After this, after taking a picture, she quickly sat in the car.

Refused to give his favorite pose

After this, the paparazzi actress started asking her to pose by pulling out her favorite tongue. The actress refused to give this pose and closed the car door. This video of Poonam Pandey is increasingly going viral on social media. The special thing is that Poonam was recently seen in the reality show ‘Lock Up’.

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