Pooja Batra has once again attracted people with her sizzling look. This time she is seen in a jolly mood in a one-piece dress. Now the actress’s video is going viral.

New Delhi: Actress Pooja Batra has been in the news for a while because of her tough look. Often, Pooja’s sizzling gaze draws people’s attention to her. In such a situation, the number of fans of the actress is constantly increasing, who are desperate for a glimpse of her. Now in a one-piece dress, Pooja sees everyone’s senses blown with her style.

Pooja Batra’s new video caught the eye

On Instagram, Pooja is constantly showing glimpses of her new photo shoot. Now she can be seen in avatar again. Recently, Pooja shared a video of her with fans. In this she is seen in a white kaftan dress. The actress can be seen here in a room as if from a restaurant. When she sees this style of Pooja, she seems to be in a very relaxed and fun mood.

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Pooja Batra showed off her hot look

In the video, the actress can be seen walking with a glass of wine in her hand. Seen here is Pooja’s bright makeup look. In doing so, she wears sunglasses and has kept her hair open.

The actress wears dangling earrings in her ears, which enhance her look. Pooja also looks very good in this simple look.

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Pooja is fit even at age 45

This video of Pooja is now going quite viral among her fans. On the one hand, people are amazed at their generosity. At the same time, Pooja’s fitness also often attracts people. Even at the age of 45, the actress has kept herself quite fit.

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