Sonam Kapoor is currently enjoying the third trimester of her pregnancy. The actress is very active on social media during this time. Sonam often continues to update fans via photo and video posts.

The popular couple Sonam Kapoor and Anand Ahuja are in heaven these days. The couple’s happiness does not hide. Sonam-Anand celebrates the birth of their child. This unseen photo of Sonam with baby from the hospital is going viral. wait what? But Sonam and Anand’s child has also given birth and no one has even heard the news! how is it possible? But this viral photo says something similar.

The viral photo caught everyone’s attention because the picture of the child on Sonam’s chest looks very real. But let’s tell you what is the truth of this photo of Anil Kapoor’s daughter Sonam?

The photo shows Sonam lying on the bed in the hospital and Sonam has a small baby on her chest. In one photo, Sonam is looking at the camera, while in the other photo, Sonam is looking at the child. This photo of this child with Sonam is fake and has not yet delivered the actress. This photo of Sonam has been edited and added to another photo. There is no truth in this photo.

It’s time to give birth

Sonam had announced her pregnancy in March 2022. Since then, Sonam has been showing off her baby bump and pregnancy glow on social media. Sonam is in the third trimester of pregnancy, now it’s time for her delivery. Recently, Sonam shared by posting a photo on Instagram how much she misses her husband Anand Ahuja. Sonam shared the post, writing: “I miss my favorite person.”

Husband Anand also commented on this photo of Sonam, calling Sonam the most adorable. Anand wrote: ‘Cute sweetheart cake’. Sonam is currently on hiatus from work, but she still has the movie Blind on her account, which will star alongside Purab Kohli, Vinay Pathak and Lillete Dubey. After the birth, the actress will start shooting for this film.

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