Pammi wrestler from the web series ‘Ashram’ aka Aditi Pohankar is known not only for her projects but also for her glamorous style. Now Aditi has once again wowed people’s senses with her tough look.

New Delhi: Pammi wrestler of MX Player’s super hit web series ‘Ashram’ i.e. Aditi Pohankar is not interested in any identity these days. The humble Pammi, who escaped from the captivity of ‘Baba Nirala’ in the show, is quite tough in real life. Her Instagram account is full of single photo shoots of the actress. Aditi Pohankar is known for her protective looks and her glamorous style. Where she is now, people are going crazy getting a glimpse of her.

Aaditi Pohankar is very bold in real life

Aditi Pohankar has made a lot of headlines by playing the role of Pammi wrestler in the ‘Ashram’ web series. The actress is very active on social media to keep in touch with her fans. Almost every day the fans get to see her new look. Now Aditi has once again stunned people with her tough look.

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Then the tough look of ‘Pummy’ from ‘Aashram’ was seen

Aditi recently shared a video of herself on Instagram making people sweat. Here she can be seen dressing for the camera. The video shows that Aditi is seen very casual at first, but her bo*ld avatar can be seen in the blink of an eye.

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Aaditi Pohankar shows off her beauty in an open coat

Speaking of Aditi’s appearance, she can be seen in a red open jacket and trousers.

She is wearing a black sheer bralette. To complete the look, Aditi has done light makeup and kept her hair open. With this, Aditi has worn high heels. Seeing this avatar of hers blows everyone’s senses away.

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People can’t take their eyes off Aditi’s gaze

Now this video of Aditi is going viral on social media. Aditi looks very warm and tough in this look, as always. Fans have also fallen for this avatar of hers. At the same time, they can’t take their eyes off this look.

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These artists can be seen in the series

Speaking of Aditi Pohankar’s work front, she has recently been featured in the web series ‘She 2’ which has been released on Netflix. This series, directed by Arif Ali, has a total of 7 episodes. In addition to Aditi, stars such as Suhita Thatte, Shivani Rangol and Sam Mohan can be seen in important roles.

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