In recent years, the look of Ajay Devgan’s Ladli Nyasa Devgan (Kajol And Ajay Devgan Daughter) has completely changed. Not only has she gotten really hot in the past, but even after being far away from Bollywood, this girl’s discussions are amazing. Not only are we saying this, but Nyasa was seen in a similar look at the Bachchan family’s party.

There are many starkids in the Bollywood gang who have already created a next level buzz before their debut. Like her parents, not only is she at the forefront of popularity, but she also has excellent information on everything from makeup to styling. But even if it is, whose parents will be so stylish, their kids will definitely look glamorous. One of those girls is Kajol-Ajay Devgan’s daughter Nysa Devgan, whose millions of hearts are desperate to catch a glimpse of her. This is because Nyasa’s fashion sense is huge.

Even at the young age of 18, not only does she overshadow the super hot looking Malaika Arora with her styling, but also the onlookers can’t take their eyes off her as she dresses in traditional Indian outfits. One of the reasons for this is that Nyasa tailors her looks so well to the occasion that she attracts all the attention of the great beauties. Nyasa saw just such a look when she reached the Bachchan house with her mother. During this, he wore such beautiful clothes that Aishwarya’s elegant look was diminished for him as well.

Amitabh Bachchan had organized a party

Actually, this whole story is from the year 2019, when Nyasa Devgan along with her parents Kajol and Ajay had come to the Diwali celebration at Amitabh Bachchan’s house. Nyasa Devgan wore a three piece set for this star-studded event, in which she looked very good.

Not only was the color combination of Nysa’s outfit very soothing, but it also gave a glamorous effect to her whole look. Actually, Nyasa Devgan was wearing a pastel colored lehenga during this time, which gave a perfect look to the fitting.

They did the design


Nyasa, who came to attend the Bachchan family’s party, chose for herself a peach colored lehenga from the collection of the famous Indian fashion designer Neeta Lulla. The basic pattern of the outfit was kept in a completely monochromatic look, with matching embroidery on it.

Speaking of the skirt first, giving it a ball gown look, it was kept A-line, in which floral motifs were created with silk threads. Traditional hand embroidery was done on the whole lehenga, in which flowers made of silk threads were attached. Mukesh’s work was used to decorate this beautiful work, the sequin work of which was also seen in the hemline.

The power of the bodice ad

This heavily embroidered lehenga was paired with a matching colorway choli, which was made entirely of silk fabric. The blouse’s pattern was kept in a crop look, accentuating both Nyasa’s flat stomach and lower body very nicely.

Unlike the lehenga, however, the choli was not embroidered in any way, but styled by a low-cut neckline, to which plain sleeves were added to keep the quotient high. At the same time, to complement her body, Nyasa had put the dupatta on one side, both of which graciously added elegans to themselves.

Complete the look like this

Nyasa is not only aware of fashion trends but also has a good understanding of makeup. This is because she styles herself according to her clothes. Nyasa did the same with this light colored outfit. Nyasa used the same color palette for her eyes, cheeks and lips, giving her beauty a perfect balance.

At the same time, he left her hair open in a center part, which made for a really good look. To look simple-elegant and graceful, Nysa wore no jewelry, giving her sculpted upper body a good edge. He only put small earrings in her ear.

Aishwarya has faded too

For her home party, Aishwarya chose a red outfit, which she got from the collection of Falguni and Shane Peacock. Lavish silver work was done on this traditional looking dress, which looked quite stunning. The color of Aishwarya’s dress was very loud, so she kept her jewelry light. The actress wore a Jool-made pearl neckpiece from Colors to match the lehenga around her neck and earrings from the same set in her ear. She completed her party makeup with straight hair. At the same time, gold bracelets were visible in the hands. But even after she looked so beautiful, there was little discussion about her look in front of Nyasa.

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