Nysa Devgan Photos: Some photos have surfaced of Ajay Devgan’s daughter Nyasa Devgan partying late at night where her hot look caught someone’s eye. Janhvi Kapoor was also with her at this party, although Nyasa’s gaze was such that it overshadowed everyone. She wore a mini skirt with a stylish top.

Ajay Devgan and Kajol’s daughter Nyasa Devgan is often seen partying. Her party looks are always successful in putting the spotlight on the people. She has fun with her friends and during this time Haseena’s style steals everyone’s heart. Though Janhvi Kapoor has also been seen partying with Nyasa many times and the friendship of both is also seen deeply. Recently, something similar was seen when many star kids including Janhvi Kapoor and Nyasa Devgan came to party with their friend Orhan Avtramani. Orhan herself shared some photos from this party on her Instagram, where Nyasa’s look looked very hot, for which Janhvi Kapoor’s avatar also seemed to fade. Photo Credits – (Photo Credits – Instagram @orry1)

Nyasa Devgan party bright

Once these photos with Nyasa Devgan were shared on social media by her boyfriend Orhan Avatramani, they went viral. Hasina’s look at the photo is worth seeing. She had selected a blue top and miniskirt for herself, in which she looked very sexy. Her top was so stylish, showing off both her figure and midriff.

Stylish top caught the eye

The blue-blue top that Nyasa had chosen for herself had wrap details. With which it had a fringe pattern on the front, which made her top stylish. At the same time, the way this top was open at the midriff added sexiness to her look. At the same time, the fit under the bust was so good, also highlighting her side curves. At the back, this top was kept backless, leaving no stone unturned to show off.

Jhanvi’s look gave competition

Hasina matched her denim mini skirt with this top. At the same time, she completed her look with minimal makeup. Now when we talk about the look of Janhvi Kapoor, she was seen in a black dress with lace sleeves with straps and a deep plunging neckline. At the hem, the dress was laced with cuts along the edge, further enhancing the radiance of her look. Hasina was seen showing off her toned legs in this look.

Look came from London

Let us tell you that earlier Janhvi’s hot look with Nyasa was unveiled in London. In the photo you can see that Nyasa is seen in a pink frizz-free top with blue denim shorts. Her top had a frizz-free pattern under the bust, which added style to her look. On the other hand, Janhvi Kapoor appeared in a red color midi with comfortable strappy sleeves. Showing a good fit on the Westline, which was busy showing off her figure.

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