Nora Fatehi IIFA 2022 Performance: Nora Fatehi was recently featured with an amazing dance performance at IIFA 2022, but when the performance was over, Nora couldn’t stop the tears in her eyes. By now sharing the video, she has also told the reason for this.

Nora Fatehi cried at IIFA 2022: Nora Fatehi is so addicted to dancing that wherever she dances, she automatically pulls on herself. At the same time, this opportunity first came when this beautiful Hasina performed in IIFA. Nora Fatehi’s dance performance was well received by the audience. At the same time, Nora Fatehi also shared a special backstage video where she recorded every special moment. From practice to dance performance, Nora captured Ehsaas in the cameras.

Nora was nervous before the performance

By the way, Nora is so fond of dance that as soon as the music is played, her steps start to vibrate automatically. But she was very scared while performing in international shows like IIFA and she was very nervous before going on stage. She practiced her stride over and over so she wouldn’t make mistakes. Because in such a big show there is no room for error. At the same time, when Nora reached the stage, she performed miracles as usual. Nora made such a fire with her dance that the show got four moons.

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Nora started crying at the time of the performance

At the same time, when everything was going well, backstage Nora became very emotional and tears streamed from her eyes. Nora would definitely be emotional as it wasn’t easy for Nora to get to this point. Nora Fatehi has been in India for over ten years and in so many years she has achieved this success by working day and night. In such a situation, when Nora performed in the industry’s biggest event in front of thousands of people, it was no small matter for Nora. Today, Nora has become a big name in Bollywood through her hard work.

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